Friday, July 27, 2007

Danica Gallery 2

more great pictures of the sexiest little lady in sports<P><A HREF="">Read More...</A>

Happy SysAdmin Day

A friend sent me this video back in my SysAdmin days. I thought it was quite funny and ever since then I've tried to keep this day on my Calendar. It's the last Friday in July. To all the hardworking SysAdmin's out there. I say Thank-you ! and hop you have a great day !

Don't forgot to turn up the volume !

Thanks-to Three Dead guys rock !

...Get the full MP3 song here

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Learn more about System Administrator Day..Yep it's real !

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Would you want this girlfriend?

One time I found a gag gift in a store called "The perfect husband", you pressed it's back and it had different funny things to say like, "Why don't you take the remote dear", and "you've had a long day, let me make dinner"

Anywy, here's a similar video except for the guys.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Google Streetview meet Soios

Okay so here's the idea:

Sell people on a 360 camera that they can walk around snap images of their streets, and upload to Google Streetview. It should be a simple point, shoot, and upload system, that would help others add to the work Google is doing.

Just a thought...

Yahoo and Google share avatars

Ever notice the similarity between Yahoo and Google's avatars.

Coincidence? :)

Naughy things not to do with your iPhone

Thought this was funny, if you got lots of $ to burn

Wake up and get noticed

Here's a funny clip from a newspaper about improving police response time when in danger...