Wednesday, November 28, 2007

BlendTech makes the holiday easier

When you start to feel the run around from the malls during the holiday season check out this great video from BlendTech, then sit back and relax and maybe do some web shopping


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting even with a telemarketer

I've been around a few times when a wrong number came into my house and my Dad would answer. Some young guy's voice would say "Is Jill there?" , to which my Dad ofet, "No she's gone out with Jim tonight". Of course no Jill ever lived at our house, poor guy probably never knew what hit him.

Today, I don't get many wrong numbers but I must get at least 10-20 telemarketer calls each day. It can sometimes be quite annoying. However, when I spotted this video it made me laugh, this wil teach them to stop messing with people.Read More...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Funny Customs from the 1500s

Well, if I ever wondered where all the funny phrases like 'bringing home the bacon came from. This article provides some interesting and funny ideas. Who knows if they are all true, but then again no one in the 1500's can defend themselves today..right?Read More...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

God Named in Lawsuit

It's not really new, but it's still funny. A Nebraska senator sued God. He is being blamed for widespread causing widespread death and distruction on millions of the earth's inhabitants. Kinda shows how frivolous lawsuits can get.

Probably the best part is that God actually responded to the lawsuit. Among his response is that Nebraska does not have sufficient jurisitiction for the lawsuit, and therefore the defendant is imune. It also states that the lawsuit fails to account for the gift of free will that God has given man. Aparantly, the archangel St Michael has been listed as a witness ! Read More...

Friday, November 9, 2007

Why are so many people pregnant?

Ever had that experience, everywhere you look you see pregnant people. Or sometimes, it seems all my spam is sending me some sort of hidden message..or maybe I'm just being paranoid..or crazy.

I talk about some of these things in this weeks short audio podlet. Hope you enjoy it.

Oh and i still can't remember the word something like "perceptual set" or something..when you notice things more about then you've noticed before due to different things going on in your life, If you can think of it please drop me a comment.

Jokes provided by by them all online today.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Newspaper retractions

Though, I hate to admit, sometimes spelling REALLY can be important.

This actually appeared in The Daily Californian--a very serious campus newspaper for all of UC Berkeley.

Friday: Big advertisement--

Greek Special--

Our huge 18-inch penis...etc. etc. Almost as good coming up as it was going down.


The 'Greek Special' is a huge 18-inch PIZZA and not a huge 18-inch penis as it was described in the ad. Blondies Pizza would like to apologize for any confusion Friday's ad may have caused.


Here are some more funny newspaper retractions...


Monday, November 5, 2007

Don't miss the Sienfeld reunion show

Coming Fall of 2027, the Sienfeld reunion show. Be sure to exercise, eat well, and take care of youself so you won't miss it. Here's a preview from fox...Read More...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Passing Blog Comment Karma

Buy a Karma Police Sticker

I am often reminded of the phrase "You reap what you sow". The concept being if you want good things to come to you, you must act, behave, and think about giving on to others.

Not surprisingly this applies to blogs as well. Is it reasonable to expect people to come and write wonderfull comments on your blog, if you don't write wonderfull comments on others blogs. Indeed it could be said that the entire blog commenting system is based on the idea of Karma.

If you think going around to others blogs and spamming them will help get you more blog traffic, you may be right. You may get lots of "Attractive" blog spam. But is that what you want to reap from the fruits of your labor?

Before you think about what good things you would like to come to you. First ask yourself

"Have you passed on any good Karma yourself lately?"

Now before you go off commenting willy nilly, Be sure to ask yourself these questions

1) Have I actually read the acticle I am commenting on?

2) Do I have some usefull information or questions to ask about the posting?

3) What are my intentions for writing a comment (Do I really have something to say)

4) How good is the quality of my comment. After you have written it have you previewed it for changes before submitting?

5) If someone does post a comment on your blog please respond to it. Especially if they are asking you a question or clarification.

Again, if you think of it, these are the things you would want others to think about before commenting on your blog right?

Push out good Karma and it comes back to you. Push out bad Karma and it comes back to you as well.

Happy Commenting. And watch out - Spammers are eveywhere !

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