Sunday, December 23, 2007

Control the world in 4 easy steps

Is it real or just a wacko conspiracy theory? Whatever your point of view, the Zeitgeist movie really gets those brain cells thinking. Although, I am not sure all of the facts presented are 100% accurate, this movie paints a very interesting picture.

So here it is, my how to on how to take over the world in 4 easy steps.

1) Form a religion -> Whether God exists or not, Religion exists (and has existed) for a long time as a means of social control. Start a religion that promotes itself as the "one true religion" that takes elements from existing religions and that can appeal to others. For bonus credits, claim yourself as a prophet, and tell others God speaks to you and you can promise them true salvation (don't forget to have them donate all their earthly belongings to you). You might think this only happens in a few cults. Thinking about the religion your follow. Who are the leaders, and what power do you give to them?

2) Be a banker -> Well maybe not a banker as much as a large international bank owner. If you control a nations money, the nation is in debt to you. Those that are in your debt are essentially your slaves. Nations borrow money from international banks at large interest and collect debt they can't possibility pay back and thereby can be persuaded to do almost anything to square the deal.

3) Control the media/internet -> As a child I was taught not to believe everything I see (or hear or read). Most people have not learned this lesson. They take for truth the news the hear, the gossip they hear and just about every reporter and media outlet touting some story to increase ratings.

4) Start a War that can't be won -> and get the people involved to destroy one another, all the long fund both sides of the war and use terror tactics to keep the people in line while spouting propaganda that the reduction of there personal rights and freedoms is "for their own good"

That's all you need to do, if you can harness these four items, you can control any society group you desire..perhaps even the entire world.

When you really start thinking of it, this movie simply comes out to say what other movies and films have been hinting at for years. Consider the Matrix (Red Pill / Blue Pill), and others. Writers often try to get some message out to you in their work, often in some subtle way. It is up to each of us to wade through the mass information we are exposed to each day and figure out what is real, and what isn't. If we submit to the masses we may end up being slaves to our own apathy.

Our only defense is our own thoughts, our ability to educate ourselves on what is real and what is not, and to pass the information to others. From the time we are children which must work to develop leaders, people who think for themselves and make decisions based on facts. We must understand that we all work together to form a bigger piece of the puzzle, we are not individuals pursuing our own agenda. We must work together to pursue a common agenda, one that is not directed by the few or the one.

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Eugene Lee said...

Brad, I just came here after reading your comment on my post. Great minds think alike! Thanks for the interesting post.