Saturday, January 19, 2008

Top 12 Random Website Bordom List

Does this happen to you?

You have a few free minutes so you decide to sit down on your computer, you open your web browser and think to yourself...okay now what do I want to do?..Okay I'm bored !

Many people have "solved" this bordem by using 'randomizers'. These are things like the StumbleUpon random button which takes you to a funny video, or article, something you might find interesting.

Here's a list of random links, that you may want to add to your collection. Drop them to your bookmarks or link bar, or maybe even make them your start page page. Either way whenever visited, They open a random site.

Warning: Since these are random sites, there is the possibilty they may open "non kidsafe", and/or "non worksafe" items. Be carefull, you've been warned.

1) Random Article -> Read a random Article Swapped Blog entry

2) Craig's Random Website-> Strange and wierd randomness from this site.

3) Random Wiki -> Read a Random Wiki page

4) Mangle -> Cool website (uses frames) that uses google to show a random webpage

5) Start Page Randomizer -> Meant to be added as your start up (Home) Page.

6) Random AT&T homepage -> . Sometimes interesting, usually very basic webpages from newbies)

7) Random Google Video -> Maybe not soo random though ?

8) Open Directory (DMOZ) -> Random Site visit. (Bet you'll get a business with it !)

9) Random Yahoo Link -> Hmm..This one gives you mostly business's too?. A bit boring

10) Random Blogger -> Read a random blog that is using the blogspot navbar

11) Random Poem -> Random poem generator, make a random love poem

12) Randomizer -> Read a random item bookmarked on

and Viola !, now when you're feeling bored. Click on one of the above link and Happy Surfing !

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Please help bulid this list, by adding your own fun random pages in the comments !


David said...

Hey cool list! There's also - this shows a random website, and is trying to raise $100,000 for breast cancer charities.

Brad D. said...

@David. Great ! thanks for the link !