Friday, June 27, 2008

Start your car with your cellphone (Key Fob

Well of course, I never have any really original ideas. But I was thinking the other day, shouldn't it be possible with a bluetooth device, for my other devices to be intelligent and detect my presence?

For example, wouldn't it be nice if as I walk up to my car, the doors automatically unlocked, the car started and it was ready and waiting? [Because pushing a button on my key chain is just way to much work]

Well, the basic idea already exists and the device is called a KeyFob. The KeyFob sends out a wireless transmission to your car, which responds and acknowledges you. It is a small device that you attach to your keychain, and can be used to start your car, sound a horn etc etc. It is also possible to embed the device into the 'key' itself. So if someone copies your key, it still won't start your car because the car will recognize the key as a forgery.

So you can expand on this idea and use existing bluetooth technology. So that your phone, or bluetooth headset is recognized by your car, your office computer, or you home and responds accordingly.

I have set this up myself and will release instructions shortly. It seems to work pretty well. I have it attached to my twitter account so when I leave my home, my status is sent out to twitter, and when I arrive at work, my laptop nicely unlocks itself for me. No bluetooth reciever in my car...yet :-)

You can of course, expand on this idea. Suppose employees just synced their cell phone with the work security system to gain building access, or for parking privileged etc. Your home door could unlock for you when you arrive home, and your lights could turn off automatically when you leave. The possibilities...endless?

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