Friday, July 24, 2009

The problem with perfection

Would you consider yourself a perfectionist? Do others call you a perfectionist?

Many us stive for perfection (at time, even I myself am guitly of it).

One of the oddities/paradoxes of this however, is that I'm not sure we should strive for perfection or that we would ever really want to acheive it.

A lesson "taught" to us from all the "Bad Guyes" in stories, comic books, and movies. (The one's that want to take over the world). Is that to be a perfect socieity, is to surrender all free will to something (or someone) else.

The socieity without crime, without problems of any kind, achieves this state by relquisining individual control for socitiy control.

I was reminded of this fact, by a recent ZigZiglar blog post regarding the US medical system, those apposed to this system often state the basic philosophy "Don't let the government control our lives". If the government regulates, the government takes control, which means less individual freedom.

Do you want less individual freedom? What would you rather have a "perfect" world, or a "free" world. Is it really possible to have both? I'm not so sure!