Sunday, August 19, 2007

Saying Hi to a Busker

If you get a chance to see a Busker festival, don't miss the opportunity. Busking is an form of street theater and it's awesome entertainment for the entire family. Buskers come from all over the world to preform, and they have some really amazing acts. It is live, and puts "America's got talent" to shame.

Busking is a way to bring entertainment to the people. Many buskers have been practicing their talent for years. Normally, at the end of a show is the famous passing of the hat. Often, this how buskers earn their back to school money..there is no set price/dontation, they just ask that your takes 5 of those little golden Canadian coins to make 1 US$, so please give generously.

The 21 buskers festival just concluded in Halifax, NS (Aug 12-18), so keep your eyes open for buskes in your area, or make sure you go visit them next year

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