Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ubuntu Mplayer resume posistion

I made a few edits to this perl script for my configuration, and have placed it here to help others.

Basically, I was having problems getting the script to remember my position when playing full screen on my television. I spent several hours of my
life tweaking this to try and figure out why it wasn't remembering my screen saver. It seemed to be a combination of things including the fact that it
would not write to the same location as my videos.

One "key" thing I seem to have noticed is that it is VERY IMPORTANT to a) Press STOP and not BACK on the remote to save the position correctly and b) when changing the setup (command line) options in Myth-Front End Video Settings -> Player. use %s don't use any other options (espically -quiet) which seems to prevent the perl script form reading the image


Make sure the files are +x (execuatable, and copy the scripts to the same directory as mplayer (/usr/bin maybe)
Modify your player settings in Myth Front End Video player to $s

Modify mplayer-g as desired. Currently it disables the gnome-screensaver because as much as I tried I could not get the config option to work with
.mplayer. If you want to be fancy you could test to seen if screen is enabled first. Otherwise if you don't have a screen saver, this script might turn
it on unexpectantly.

Enjoy !

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