Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Purpose Plans and Passion

"A plan is a tool that we use to fulfill a purpose, and passion is the fuel that keeps us going."
Purpose, what are we meant to do? Why are were here?. People have spent their entire lives trying to answer this question, trying to live their lives. One of the fundemental principles is the idea of a plan. If we don't know where we are going, if we don't have a goal, if we have not set a plan. How we will know when we get there? How will we know if we reached our purpose?

I am a big planner, one might say I tend to plan "too much". But I often find myself stuggling to finish things which I have started. Sometimes I will have bursts of inspiration. An idea just shouting at me to be worked on. An idea that takes away from everything else I am doing, demanding itself to be completed. I become very passionite about this idea. Perhaps it is completed a video game level, learning a new parenting skill, writing a blog entry, or designing a new software program. (One of the latest is selling stuff on ebay)

The problem is this short term burst of inspiration/passion, once completed, leaves my life back in disarray, and it is hard to re-evaulate and 'get back to' the plan.

My Epiphany - Passion is a tool. It is something we can use to keep ourselves motivated on the 'less exciting' tasks of our lives. Left on its own, passion will come in and out on a whim. But it is actually a key ingredient in the planning process. We set a vision of where we would like to be, generate more and more interest in this vision. This starts our mind and soul working together to fulfill the vision, and we build the passion to keep it going.

The "trick", which I have yet to master, is to learn to use our imagination and creativity in the visioning process, to generate the passion if and when we needed it, at the specific time and place where we want it.

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