Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Science...it's not real..it's all just faith

Often we believe (falsely, I might add) that there are 2 camps of people. Those who believe in 'science' and those who believe in 'faith'. Of course you could be a "mix of the 2" believing in science when it makes sense to you and faith for things like God, and heaven and such stuff.

Regardless of what camp you fall in, please understand that its all faith, nothing more and nothing less. You can take any "scientific" principle and if you examine it and break it down, you always get to the bottom statement.
I believe "cause and effect" (causality) exists in our universe.
Now I'm not saying not to belief in cause and effect. Life becomes really, really complicated to abandon the belief in cause an effect. Simply:
It is reasonable to assume 'X" is true, if we find that when not beliving "X" leads us to question all of our other existing beliefs.
Not believing in causality could potentially break every scientific proof you believe to be true. My favorite analogy is the "Pyramid of Knowledge"

Imagine that all your beliefs, "truths", form a pyramid in your mind

If someone questions a belief you have in one of the top of items, it's no big deal you can fairly easily abandon it as needed. But if someone tries to remove one of the bottom pieces..now you have a BIG problem. Because if you stop beliving in one of the bottom items, your risk your whole pyramid falling apart.

Whether your are a so-callled "religious fanatic" or a "die hard scientist", no matter how open-minded you say you are, you don't want people to touch the items on your bottom pyramid. You will be very passionite about holding on to these items, possibly even defending them to the death.

It could of course be argued, that the pyramid bulit by "religion" may be easier to break then one built by the "scientist". However, there are some pretty strong religious beliefs, so have fun, it's a nice adventure.

Where 2 competing explanations exist for a theory, the simplist is the best

In general, Science tends to take a logical procedural flow from one belief to the next, each time buliding more and more rational confidence that a statement is true. Leaps of faith and jumps in logic do not apply in Science (supposidly).

For a great example of this idea, check out the Star Trek Voyager epispode Sacret Ground ]

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