Thursday, April 12, 2007

Effective Meetings

To get maximum benefit from any meeting, consider these questions:

  • Do I know the purpose for the meeting, why is it being called ?
  • Is it clear who is leading the meeting ?
  • Is there an agenda ?
  • Did I get the agenda in advance, so that I could prepare for the meeting ?
  • Is there a time limit set for the meeting ?
  • Do I need to be present for the whole meeting, or can I just attend for a shorter period of time ?
  • Did I get minutes from the last meeting ?
  • Will minutes and actionable items be tabled at this meeting ?
  • Was I given enough notice of the meeting ?
  • If the meeting has been called with very little, or no notice, is it a real emergency ?
  • Should I be attending the meeting versus working on the priroties I have set for the day.

Qualties of an effective meeting:

Generates: Focus ; Enthusiam, Clear expectations ; improved communication; Synergy
Acheives Results

Some valuable types of meetings to have:

Planning sessions- Figuring out what as a team we plan to do

Brainstorming - get lots of ideas from different perspectives.

Identifying problems and needs

Setting goals

Engergizing & Supporting People

Evaluating Results and celebrating sucesses

Focus on ‘what’ needs to be done ; not necessarily the details of how it should be done ; generate owners for ‘hows’ ; expected results; and a timeframe to members of the team, and avoid getting bogged down in conflicting suggestions and methods from everyone.

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