Monday, April 30, 2007

Is there in TRUTH no BEAUTY ?

As any good student of philosophy will tell you ; the proper way to begin any debate/discussion is by first defining the terms which will be used through out the discussion and then promising not to change the definition anywhere. Well I hope to do this and I also hope to define the terms in such a way that the statements I will make will be agreed upon by everyone.

In the spirit of my introductory paragraph let me define TRUTH. Whenever I use the word TRUTH this is what I mean:

TRUTH is what an individual believes and is based on the individual knowledge of what he/she believes to be true. Furthermore Universal Truth is imaginary.

There isn't one TRUTH about anything that is universal under all circumstances. Oh, but the smart folks out there are probably saying: “What about those TRUTH'S which are TRUE in virtue of there meaning such as 2 + 2 = 4”. For the time being I will just say that those “TRUTHS” should be more properly called "FACTS" since they are understood to be true no matter what. For example, suppose I'm a space alien...If I understand the concepts of 2,4,+, and = then I can understand the equality of 2 + 2 = 4. So it is important to first realize that when I say, ‘This is TRUE’ what I am really saying is this is my belief of truth and furthermore I am impressing that you should also hold my belief. This is how I define TRUTH.

Okay So given the above definition what shall I do with it? I want to become a computer programmer. (In case you skipped my apology). With my definition of TRUTH it is TRUE that I AM a computer programmer simply by believing it is so. What I have just done is to explain the concept of all those self-help books.

Step 1: Assume (believe) ...insert thing you wish to improve upon... is true.
Step 2: Read the self-help book and realize what you at first believed to be true actually is true.

By my definition you may have realized what you believed to be true was true from the start and it took a whole book to realize a simple truth that was there all along.# This is the first applied example of what I call "common knowledge". Try using my definition of TRUTH and only my definition and many things should become clearer.

To push my idea even further let's take a look at those people whom, as it is generally regarded, have no conscience and feel no remorse. No such person actually exists but if a person believes he/she has no conscience and does everything in his/her power to prove they have no conscience than the TRUTH is that person has no conscience. Okay, so then you may ask why does it matter if the person only believes it would not that be the same thing as not having one? The answer to this is "NO". Other definitions of TRUTH lead us to believe that what is TRUE cannot be changed it just is TRUE, however, this is what I subdivided into what is a FACT not a TRUTH. With my definition of TRUTH we can simply change the TRUTH by changing what we believe. The next question is this "Is it that simple?", "Can we give a person a conscience by making that person believes he/she has one?". If the words are powerful enough we can make anyone believe anything so you can see that TRUTH is a very flexible thing.

For those of you who are bored let me bring in a little Star Trek oldie. Ahhh but I already did! The start of this chapter starts with the question "Is there in TRUTH no BEAUTY?". One of the old Star Trek episodes has this very title. It is probably some infringement of some law somewhere to tell you what that episode was about not and that it's necessary to get into anyway. If I may restate the question, and I think I have that power, to this "What is the BEAUTY of TRUTH?"

I’m sure most of you are aware of what LIE is and differences such things as a white LIE and a black LIE and all the other things which we call lies. A Lie is a bending of the truth and if truth is as flexible as I say it is, and if we truly believe our lies than our lies must be the TRUTH which means Lying can't be all that bad now can it? The truth is we LIE to make things sound better or more interesting. We hope that by shaping the truth in our own fashion we can somehow accomplish a sense of pride from others

This bending of Truth to our own needs is something we are all guilty of. Most of the time it is probably unconscious we don't even realize what we are doing. The important thing to realize is we should not bend the truth for our own needs but for the needs of everyone. This way if we make everyone believe a bent truth, which will benefit the world as a whole, this becomes the real TRUTH by my definition and this is the BEAUTY of TRUTH.

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