Monday, April 16, 2007

What is Choas Anyway?

Funny Thoughts:

What if ‘chaos’ is simply an un-understood pattern?

What if there exists another ‘realm’ beyond self-awareness. A ‘total’ awareness of how all things in the universe work together and form a common relationship.

What if the discovery of this relationship, and the gap between the mind (imagination, thought process) and reality, is contained within this ‘total awareness’.

To understand, to become ‘totally aware’ might be a kin to ‘touching god’.

The clues/puzzles may be already laid out for us, (full or in part), as we grow and evolve we understand more and more about the word around us. Eventually we will discover that everything is inter-related (perhaps to be expressed in mathematics) and thus we will understand the true nature of the universe.

In summary, the universe may in fact be an entity onto itself, An entity which we can observe parts of, but not yet the whole. Something which we cannot yet fully comprehend. Something that lives and breathes. That all apparent ‘random’ events are set in motion by one governing law, one ultimate destination that eludes us. If we were to discover it, if it were to be known by all people and shared, live would be changed forever

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