Wednesday, April 4, 2007

So your going to be a Dad !

Warning: The surgeon general advises that sex may cause pregnancy !

If you know nothing else about me, you should know that I like to read books. Books on everything ,every subject imaginable. So when I first found out I was going to be a Dad, where was the first place I headed ? (after my parents house) the bookstore where I found this book, "So you're going to be a Dad by Peter Downey"

Mr Downey touts this book as a book about fatherhood by a regular guy and made for guys. From the very first page to the very last I found this book to be an excellent read. It is clear, consice and quite funny (at least for my sense of humor).

Inside Downey talks about his experiences becoming a Dad and offers suggestions on being a good dad. He wrote the book because he found there were not many good books written for fathers that didn't involve big degrees using lots of complicated wording.

Now, I have been a father for over 2 years and I'm no expert. I still find his book useful, entertaining and refreshing view on fatherhood. It's nice to go back and see how my views have changed and related to his thoughts..and warnings.

This is definitly a book made for guys and certainly worth the few buck's it costs to buy it. Even if you don't fully appreciate it right away, you certainly will soon after becoming a dad.

Good're probably going to need it :-)

About the Author

Peter Downey lives in the suburbs with his wife and three children. When not writing, he is a high school English teacher. He wrote this book because he believes somebody should warn dads-to-be about the enormous changes fatherhood will bring to their lives. He also wrote this book because he believes that our society needs more good dads.

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